I remember the excitement of running home with my first painting from kindergarten, the paint still wet and drying in the wind. Colors ran together and it probably was an abstract by the time I got there, but I learned the thrill of painting and that stayed with me.

I know it is in my spirit and heart to create and I believe that art is an innate characteristic. In theory, there is quite a bit of technique involved in creating art. I am inspired by my love for nature, people and my surroundings. I enjoy the fluidity of watercolor and like to see what can “just happen” with the medium, rather than focusing on perfectionism.

I work from my home studios in Door County Wisconsin and the greater Milwaukee area in a variety of mediums, including watercolor with mixed media such as pastel and charcoal, and watercolor with pen & ink.  Additionally, I also do portrait and illustration work. I take my own photographs for inspiration and love setting up still life compositions as well as working from life. You can also find me teaching my skills and techniques at the Peninsula School of Art in Door County.

If I can convey a message within my work it is to evoke the viewer to see or feel something, to create a mystery or story of their own.

Kathleen Nelson

Artist & Illustrator